April 19, 2013

I have only been to Boston once. I was there for only about 24 hours, two years ago, for work. I have only run a few races, a few 5K runs, a handful of 10Ks, and one half-marathon. And with only these small connections, I long to connect with Boston today. We all do. Doesn’t that say something remarkable about the human spirit? That we feel the pain of others, we hurt for them and we long to connect? I was talking with two dear friends, Caroline and Danielle, today while we were glued to the television, about this very subject. Dear friends and deep conversations are a comfort during dark days like this.

It doesn’t feel right to post a normal, happy-go-lucky, look-at-this-pretty-picture blog post today. My conversations with Caroline and Danielle and our heavy hearts reminded me of that. Praying for peace and comfort for those in Massachusetts. 

Painting Watching Trees by Clare Elsaesser on Etsy

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One thought on “BOSTON

  1. Joy Uyeno

    I really appreciate this post, Whitney. Yesterday was scary for the whole country, I think. We don’t even live in the city, but I closed my blinds and locked the doors anyway. And what was most terrifying was that this was one of us — I know they keep talking about Chechnya, but really, these were people who had lived in our community for much of their lives. No one knows what could happen to turn someone that quickly; a person that many regular people called a friend. It’s so very sad for everyone involved, and I hope that we’ll have some answers soon.


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