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April 22, 2013

Today I’m sharing a little more detail on the custom iron posts that we had made for our deck project! I’ve told you about our awesome friend, Noah, who makes really awesome things out of iron. He made the C’s for our wedding and I just got an awesome shelf for the extended kitchen area – you know, for phone charging, pretty flower arrangements, and laptop storage for my grad school husband. (Photos coming!)
These iron posts for the lights were my fabulous Mom’s idea. Aren’t they awesome?!
We previously had the lights strung on the railing as you can see in the photo below, but wanted to step it up a notch for the style challenge!
I love everything about these iron structures…


Allen measured the center of the top of the railing posts and screwed them in with long screws. I thought they were deck screws but Allen corrected me yesterday that they’re not specifically deck screws – just really long ones. We couldn’t find flat top screws (whatever they’re called) that would fit so we ended up using round ones that will rust a little bit, which I kind of like.


We started first with just one strand of lights and it looked good, but needed a little something more. So we added a second strand for the final look!

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