DIY Bowl Planter

April 11, 2013

A few factors made this a super easy DIY for me to knock out in a day – the easiest is that my fabulous Father-in-law did the hard part! Read on to see how I made this bowl planter from a wok pan, inspired by this pretty pin!
I bought a cheap wok pan a while ago, (for the one asian dish that I make – pad thai!) and the base started peeling. Bummer. The bigger bummer is that it also started catching fire! See those red areas hitting right at the gas flame? Yeah. That’s definitely dangerous. I asked Allen if I could throw it away in the normal trash and he’s so smart, he said “Why don’t you make something out of it?” Duh. I immediately knew what I wanted to do – I grabbed my succulent wreath and made sure it fit…
Turns out those handles are pretty securely attached. I couldn’t budge them so I called in the big guns – Charles, my father-in-law.
He took the wok pan to his basement workshop and figured out how to remove the handles and drilled a hole in the bottom for drainage.
I wanted to spray paint the exterior so Charles suggested some metal sandpaper. I roughed up the outside just enough to take the sheen off and spray painted it teal.
My diy succulent wreath has been the centerpiece on our dining table for months while its roots grew in, (I’ll show you what it looked like hanging too!) so I was ready to switch it out. The width of the wreath fit perfectly in the wok plan, so I just filled the center with soil and planted a few extra succulents I had around the house. (From this planter and this one.)
The bowl shape is really pretty for a garden planter and the holes around the sides are neat to show that it wasn’t always just a bowl. Keep an eye out at your favorite thrift stores for old pans and bowls!
PS – Iris the kitty-cat didn’t realize she was such a model! Here’s her story. She would never let me hold her like that now.
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