DIY Concrete Table

April 24, 2013

One of my favorite diy projects from our deck is the concrete table that my father-in-law built. He builds a lot of things around The Curtis Casa, if you haven’t noticed. Read on and I’ll show you how he did it!

I had this old table frame and rotten top… I loved the shape and height of the base, it just needed a new surface. We thought about a few things, granite, wood, etc. But I really wanted to try a concrete project, since the Curtis men love concrete, and I love the sleek, gray look of it.

It was easy to unscrew the wood from the base (I did that part!) and be able to use the old tabletop as a form and size guide for the new tabletop.

Here’s where Charles worked some handyman magic to build the frame. 
Step 1: Trace the old shape. 
Step 2: Build the walls of the frame. 
Step 3: Connect the frame to MDF board or something similar. MDF board is pretty slick on one side, so we thought it would be a good surface. 
Step 4: Caulk the corners to prevent the concrete from running through.
Step 5: Mix the concrete. (Here’s where it helps to have someone who is familiar with concrete!)

Step 6: Spread vegetable oil all around, on all sides of your form.
Step 7: Pour in the concrete.

Step 8: Use a 2×4 or piece of wood to level out the top of the form. The “top” while it’s in the form will actually be the underneath side of the tabletop when it’s finished.
Step 9. Do this a few times, in all directions.
Another tip from a concrete pro: Lightly knock the sides of the form with a hammer or tool to vibrate the concrete and get rid of air bubbles. 
We let the concrete harden in the garage for about 4 days before we took the form off, and another 2 or 3 days of hardening without the form. I wanted to make sure it was fully cured and strong and wouldn’t break when we placed it in the table base! We set it on top of the base to get a feel for the size, and we only needed to sand of a few irregular edges to get a perfect fit!

The concrete block is about 2 inches thick and once it’s in the base about 1 inch is visible. I love the look! The best part is that the concrete can take a lot of wear and tear, so I don’t feel bad leaving it out in the rain or getting dirt all over it. I love it!

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  1. Katy @ RICE Designs

    this is great! I’ve been wanting to try to make something out of concrete… a table for the deck would be perfect! I’m going to keep my eyes out for something to use as a base now :)


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