How To Water A Succulent Wreath

April 3, 2013

Remember a few months ago when I showed you how to make a succulent wreath on the Home Depot blog? Well, if you decide to make one, you need to know about watering it! Here’s how I water mine.
Succulents don’t need to be watered too frequently, but the sphagnum moss that the wreath is made of dries out quickly – more quickly than soil in a pot, for example. I flip mine upside down over the sink and let a slow stream of water soak into the moss. It gets a little messy, some moss pieces will fall off in the process.
Then I flip it over and let the water sink into all the nooks and crannies on the top between the plants. I usually spend 5 or so minutes letting the water sink in. I makes it significantly heavier!

I set mine on a large dinner plate in the kitchen to let the extra water drip out.

And that’s all! It’s pretty easy, but a bit awkward the first time you stick the whole wreath in the sink. Good luck! And if you make a succulent wreath, I’d love to see pictures!
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