The Deck + The Plants

April 12, 2013

Here’s the breakdown on the plants we chose for our deck project with The Home Depot! I’m kind of a green thumb, so we spent a lot of time and budget on this part of the design.

Weeping Yoshino Cherry Tree: Since we wanted a colorful bohemian vibe, the weeping yoshino cherry tree was a really whimsical choice that felt great in the space. The weeping branches fall into the seating area for a really romantic look.

Paddle Plant: This giant succulent is a really neat structural addition. I just love the color and shape. Oh and that’s a DIY aged terra cotta pot it’s in!


White Geranium: I haven’t always loved geraniums, but I really fell in love with the shape of these leaves!

White Hydrangea: Who doesn’t love a traditional, white hydrangea? We added a mound of moss to top off the dirt that I think really makes it pop. Just a little trick to make it look like the hydrangea’s been there a while.

Marguerite Daisy (left) & Pot Carnation (right): These two fuchsia plants were little additions to accent the color of the rug and feature these great Burl Craig pots belonged to my grandmother and are over 100 years old.

Boxwood & Angelina Stonecrop: I have a couple of boxwoods in my backyard garden that are doing really well, so I knew another boxwood would do well. In this bright blue container they look great paired with the chartreuse of the angelina stonecrop. (This one has just exploded in the recent warm spring weather we’ve been having in Atlanta!)


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