101 Things Update

May 29, 2013

Remember last year when I wrote a list of 101 things to accomplish in the next 1001 days? Well, a little over 350 days have past so I wanted to give an update on a few things I’ve crossed off! (Hint: not as many as I should!) Here is a sampling from the list, and you can always read the full 101 Things in 1001 Days list here.

Here are a few items I’ve crossed off the list:
8. Work on my taste in music… I tend to lean toward the Nicki Minaj and Bruno Mars variety 
(I have a great friend, Mama D, who has great taste in music and is fearlessly helping me with this task! This is hard for me.)
9. Plant a tree (We planted the Weeping Yoshino Cherry Tree in the backyard.)
22. Roast some marshmallows and make s’mores (We got a firepit, which made this one easy! Here.)
32. Learn photoshop (Got Photoshop for Christmas 2012 and I love it!)
34. Start a collection of coffee table books (Design Sponge, The Sartorialist, Bringing Nature Home)
52. Have our neighbors over for dinner (Complete with leaving a note in their mailbox. It was fun!)
53. Give up soft drinks for a month (January 2013)
54. Give up soft drinks for a year (This one is in progress. 2013 is the year of no soft drinks.)
57. Visit my sister in Greenville, SC (May 2013, Anna’s graduation from Furman!)
And here are a few things I’m going to be checking off my list this summer. Some sound easy and some  make me wonder what I was thinking when I wrote this list. Like… #27. Run a marathon?! Oh dear. Someone save me!
23. Learn how to make my own vegetable stock
24. Go Paleo for a month
25. Knit something
26. Go to the High Museum
27. Run a marathon
28. Go fishing
29. Volunteer at a Habitat House
30. Pay for someone else’s coffee in the drive-thru line
31. Read a big biographical novel
75. Grow a topiary
76. Paint something on canvas
77. Go strawberry picking
78. See a movie in the theatre by myself
80. Send 10 handwritten letters
81. Do a time capsule!
82. Learn to change a tire

I have no idea if the full 101 Things list is going to be complete by November of 2014. If not, I think I’ll look at the items I did accomplish and be glad I made a list to keep track of these fun ideas and events.
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3 thoughts on “101 Things Update

  1. Sally Anderson

    I still love your list, Whitney, and I love this kind of update! So fun. I should definitely go through mine and pick out the ones I can start crossing off this summer. I still need to pay for someone else’s coffee too. Stuff like that’s a bit easier. But over half of my list… I swear… what was I thinking?!?!

  2. Joy Uyeno

    Oh, fun! I have a particular fondness for #78. There’s a great little movie theatre in my old neighborhood that was nearly empty during the week in the summertime. The first time I went alone I felt self conscious, but then it became something I just loved. There was something magical about treating myself to a matinee at this old fashioned cinema. I’m not sure if it would be the same in one of these big cineplexes we have now, but that little old cinema is still there, so you’ve inspired me to do it again this summer!


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