5 Tips for Growing Out A Pixie Cut

May 31, 2013

Well folks, I think it’s finally here. I’ve been growing my hair out from the super short pixie and I can finally say I’m done. It’s been a rocky road but I feel pretty confident that I can conquer anything now that I’ve lived with awkward hair pretty much consistently for the past six months.
Here’s how the process went for me and my top five tips for growing out a pixie cut. Read on!
5 Tips for Growing Out A Pixie Cut
1. Cut the mullet. This is Rule #1 for me. When you’re growing your hair out, the back of your neck will, inevitably, feel like a mullet ALL THE TIME. Ask your hairdresser if they’ll give you a mullet cut for free between regular haircuts to keep this awkwardness at a minimum. (Most places will do this, just ask!) I took this rule to the extreme. I would get a hair cut, go back get a free mullet cut, wait as long as I could possibly stand, try to convince friends and family to cut my mullet and then finally go to Super Cuts and pay $8 for a mullet cut. All in a 6 to 8 week window.

2. Take prenatal vitamins and drink lots of water. Even if it doesn’t actually work (who knows!) it’ll make you feel like you’re doing something productive. It made me feel better! You could also try biotin vitamins, I’ve heard they work well for hair growth. I tried both prenatal and biotin. And I did noticed a difference in my fingernails being stronger! I definitely drank lots of water, and you should too.

3. Don’t wash your hair everyday. I actually have no idea if this helps your hair grow faster, but it’s good for your hair and scalp. I was always an everyday hair-washer – I had super greasy hair and could not break the habit! Having a pixie allowed me to change up my haircare regimin. I tried baking soda shampoo, which I still love I just don’t use it as often because it seems harder to use with longer hair. Now I only wash my hair every other day or so and it feels healthier.

4. Wear headbands. There are going to be awkward days during your growing out process, I promise. Just throw on a headband and forget about. These are the best!

5. Rock it. If you’re anything like me, your hair will be so awkward for so long, you’ll actually forget about being self-conscious and go back to your normal, confident self. Eventually, it won’t even phase you that your hair is in a weird growing-it-out phase. And before you know it, you’re done!

Here’s a little timeline to give you an idea of how long it took me. I decided in September that I’d go ahead and start growing my hair out. I got one last short (!) cut toward the end of the month and called it quits. A few months later, at the beginning of January, I was actually feeling good about the long pixie style, in the first January ’13 photo. Then all of a sudden the mullet came out of nowhere and I ran to Super Cuts right before Alt to get it chopped. Side note, I freaked out. I called both my Mom and my sister almost in tears, just sure it was an awful haircut. Right before Alt. I was mad at myself for going to Super Cuts. I had totally ruined my hair! Turns out, it wasn’t really that bad. It was actually kind of cute, in the second January ’13 photo. Then just a couple more months of craziness and I’m done! Huzzah!

So that’s the history of my pixie cut and the process of growing it out. I’m happy to say I’m done – and I will admit it took way longer than I thought it would. If you’re in the process of growing out a short cut, I feel your pain. Do you all have any other tips? I know it doesn’t feel like it, but you’ll be done in no time. You can do it!

PS – Do you notice that I make the same face in most of these photos? So silly.
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44 thoughts on “5 Tips for Growing Out A Pixie Cut

  1. Jeanette

    If by ‘awkward’ you mean adorable! You definitely fooled me. Every time I see you I want to cut my hair!

  2. Joy

    You’re absolutely one of those people who can pull off all the hair lengths. I’m jealous! And for the record, you looked fabulous at Alt.

  3. Callie

    I second what Joy said, your hair looked awesome at Alt! In fact, I had serious hair envy. Someday I want to chop mine all off. I’ve done a long bob but never made it to a full pixie.

  4. brittanyMakes

    I love your hair! i’m thinking of going pixie after my wedding.. not sure I have the guts, but maybe!

  5. Michelle W

    ahh this gives me such faith that i will survive the growing out phase! right now my hair looks like your dec 2012 picture and im just crossing my fingers that i can manage to make my hair look as cute as you did throughout the process! im LOVING your current style- gives me motivation to keep growing it out!

  6. Katarina Flynn

    I started growing out my very short pixie a month ago and it is so frustration (mainly due to thinking that taking biotin and using horse shampoo will have a magical effect). I realize patience is the key and to look at least 6-7 month of frustration. Thank you for the headband and hair clip idea…I am purchasing a ton on Ebay right after this! :) You have motivated me!

  7. Stephanie

    I have a pixie cut right now and i feel so edgy and liberated! I get compliments all the time on it, but I am so impatient with my hair that I feel the need to switch up hairstyles every 2 to 3 months! I went from boring brown, to bright orange, to deep auburn, to short blonde pixie within a little over a year! I want to do something new, but that would take growing out my beloved pixie! We’ll see how the next 6 months go! Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Eowyn shieldmaiden

    i like the pixie cut and all but my mind seems to change a lot about it! I’m more the tom boy type girl. i prefer to wear long skater shorts and baggy tee’s but this just took it to a new level… i miss my long hair in a pony tail with my awesome cap! and my first year of high school is coming! well summer vay cay just started… maybey it will grow threw then? 0.0
    im so freaking.

  9. Georgia Choate

    Yes, I know what you mean. I don’t like the long hair on my neck either. (You said mullet, but I had mohawk stuck in my head!) Still undecided about growing it, but I’m still rockin’ the shaggy look :)

  10. Jade

    UGH I know EXACTLY what you’re going through… I cut my hair like miley cyrus right before summer break (and don’t get me wrong, I like it) but I like having longer hair better and like you my freshman year is coming up
    hopefully it can grow into a bob by then

    1. Gillian

      OMG! My story is EXACTLY like yours! From the Miley situs cut to the wish for a bob in my fresh men year!!!! Good luck to you!!!! I’m in the same place!

  11. Dee

    If you cut your hair like Miley (short short on the sides and long on top), it likely won’t be longer than a “long pixie” by the beginning of the semester. I’ve been growing out my pixie since March, so that’s 4 months of growth and I’m barely out of the ‘long pixie’ stage. If you cut it in May or so, then I would say that you’d be at the bob stage in about November- December if you hair grows really quickly. Just rock it till then!

  12. whitney

    Of course! September was my last super short cut and by April I got a few compliments on my “bob” haircut – so I would say 7-8 months for the full growing out process. But the beginning still looked like a pixie for a while so it wasn’t too awkward.

  13. Michaela

    I got a pixie in June because I had summer gym and a haircut that was impossible for that. (To get an idea of what it was like, my friends called me Velma Dinkley lol). I’ve loved my pixie, but this year is senior year for me and I’m struggling to decide whether or not to grow it out for senior pictures and prom. It feels crazy that there’s such a long transition phase! Thanks for the article, though. My hair grows fast, so I think I might be able to follow your advice and manage growing this bad boy out. If not, it’s back to the chopping block! :)

  14. Mariah

    The last time i cut my hair was June 28th, 2013, and I cut it pretty dang short because my pixie was being poofy and drove me crazy (trust me, I regret it horribly now because I would have been out of the pixie stage by now with how long it was getting! Stupid me! haha) In the last 2 months or so my hair has grown quite a lot and I can aaaalmost make a ponytail in the back.

    A tip I got from another pixie haircut blogger was to not cut your hair at all, even if you start to get that annoying mullet. Her method was to let the back all grow (despite how awkward and stupidly painful it was) until she could pull it all into a medium-height ponytail, then she would either put in a headband or braid/twist/whatever the bangs out of her face.

  15. Mariah

    I’m the exact same way when it comes to the hat part! I used to wear hats all the time, the Irish flat cap style, and they all went super awesome with my red hair. Now that my hair is short, I always feel like I look ugly in a hat…haha

  16. Mariah

    Oh, and my other regret for chopping my hair is that my hair is naturally thick and straight and red…I miss having red hair that glowed and flowed in the wind! haha

  17. Amber

    I recently bleached my bangs and fried it so badly, I had to get super short layers… they are so short that they stick up (and it looks kinda cool. like an 80’s rocker) but before I had beautiful long side bangs that covered my left eye … I want them back so bad and miss them… how long do you think it would take to grow out from the sticking up phase to having side bangs again? (the shortest part is 1 inch, the others are 2 inches long)

  18. TinaWash71

    I got mine cut into a pixie about four days ago and I’m already deciding to grow it back out. I started taking vitamins with biotin in them 100% daily value and I always drink a ton of water anyhow so that won’t change. I am armed with cute headbands,barrettes and hats. Hoping it will be painless.This is probably the fourth time I’ve done this but this time I’m going to try to trim the mullet while growing.

  19. Karen

    I’m nervous because I bleach my pixie platinum blonde! If I grow out my hair, bye-bye bleach :( I guess I’ll have to go back to a naturalist hair color that won’t dry out so much.

  20. Angelika

    So I’m thinking about getting a pixie… I have this crazy idea like “hey I’m young and I wanna try everything” and I’ve had this feeling like “I wanna try short hair!” And it won’t go away… But how long does I take to grow out…? I’m getting a little nervous here! My hairs like a bit past shoulder length, I have bangs and I’m 15 and I’m feeling like doing something I will regret later xD

    1. Starz

      Its great to try it and u love it for about 5 months then u want long hair i say go for it and donate your hair thats what i did

      1. Mary g

        Disagree, above the ear length (like a guy’s cut) takes Forever to grow out. Not worth it. A lot of posts saying 6 month grow out couldn’t be starting from above ears. Yes I used to love my short pixie, but looking and feeling “not my pretty self” for the grow out at least a year NOT worth it.

        1. Karin

          I’ve went back and forth with pixie cuts for the past 4 years. It only takes me about 6 months to grow mine out. And yes, it was above my ears. Actually I had the back shaved even, so it was really a short pixie cut. I think it all depends on how fast your hair grows AND how healthy your hair is too!

      2. kris

        I shaved my head for charity over a year ago and I am just now getting g to the mullet phase. My hair prior was almost to my waist. I get upset often about missing my hair and the process is so painful. I feel ugly and not myself. It will be five years at the rate to have my super long hair back.

  21. Karen Gonano-Martin

    I recently went pixie after realizing with a newborn daughter, my previously long, flowing curls would hamper my ability to quickly do anything. I loved my pixie initially, but I am now crying and obsessing over the loss of my long, curly haired identity. I have grown out super short hair before in surprising amounts of time without this emotional mess I am now encountering. Perhaps it is that pregnancy and birth has changed me to a size 14, forcing me to abandon all of my beautiful pre-pregnancy clothing, and cuteness is difficult in light of this. Your post has given me some encouragement, though, and for that I thank you!!!!! :)

  22. Michelle

    Thank you for posting this! I’m growing out short hair. This in between stage is tough! Seeing your pics encouraged me. :)

  23. iva

    what did you tell the people at the salon when you went for haircuts/trims? thinking about going to super cuts just to get a trim on this mullet!

  24. jadore

    Your pics have encouraged me !! Thank you.
    I have no idea what I was thinking when I got the pixie done :(
    What do I tell the salon guys when getting the trim? What is a mullet if I may ask :D

  25. Rian

    I HATE MY PIXIE! I had gorgeous long curls and in a moment of madness I cut them all off. Constant mockery from my friends has driven me to the point where I will do anything to get my long hair back. My high school leavers prom is in just over 2 months and I cut it one month ago, do you think it will grow in time? Does anyone have any tips??

    1. Starz

      I feel your pain dont worry get a head band with accessories and pimp that hair do u will b fine it grows back

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  27. Starz

    You are so luck you have straight hair i got the pixie cut real short version emma Watson style and i have curly hair it has gone a mess i literally had an afro for about 2 months i could only bobby pin it ugh what a mess .its finally long enough where i can manage it and use head bands by june i should be able to get a bob hair cut finally .ps amazing hair u have so jealous

  28. Not Happy

    Well a couple weeks ago I cut my hair off. I’d been thinking about it since June and just decided to do it then and there. Well I’m not a huge fan of it at all. It’s far more of a hassle in the mornings and just looks awful when I’m outside and it’s all over the place. I somehow don’t regret it though, I wanted to try it and it didn’t work out and its not permanent anyway. So here I am now deciding that I’m going to grow it out. Luckily I decided to get a long pixie cut so I’m already at your December 2012 stage. I’m nervous about it but I’m just going to call 2015 my bad hair year and deal with it. I should also mention I have thick poofy hair which will be fun to deal with. I’m hoping by July of next year it will be past my chin and near my shoulders so I can possibly tie it up. I’m not ready for mockery and weird looks but I’ll suck it up.

  29. Kara B

    I have very stubborn hair. Over the last 20 years (wow that makes me sound old) I have cut my hair into a short style (if not pixie) seven times. I guess I’m a mighty fickle girl when it comes to my hair. I’ve really thick and coarse straight hair that’s not wavy or curly, just a bit frizzy now it’s more grey.
    I find getting the back trimmed is important, as you still want to feel feminine when you’re growing it out.
    A tip about colouring while trying to grow it out is to use a non-permanent rinse colour. You have to switch out the white bath towels every time you’re wetting or washing it because it will rub onto your towels, but it is not harsh on your hair like permanent colours are. Hair bands / headbands are great to become friendly with as they’ll jazz up the style and they do detract from the mess you feel, and they’re practical when you know you’re going to get hot with hair on your face.
    When you’re growing it back, at the time it feels like forever, but when you look back afterwards, it doesn’t take all that long at all. January to April to get to a short bob, and by December it’ll be falling on your shoulders. (Good ol’ Facebook will help you track this, it does grow back).
    Good luck.
    I read on wiki-how that you can use dry-shampoo to keep your bangs (aka fringe where I live) out of your eyes. I’m generally too lazy for that. Wet it, comb it back and throw in a headband.

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