Another Driveway Vegetable Garden

May 24, 2013

Last summer, I grew a few tomato plants in the middle of my driveway. This awesome driveway garden puts mine to shame. It belongs to Cabell, whose home and garden I featured last week. Let’s take a look around! 
Cabell said when she started thinking about growing veggies, she realized that she wasn’t using and didn’t need the whole length of her long driveway, so she plopped some raised beds in it. Isn’t it perfect?

She’s got lots of herbs growing, and squash and tomatoes, too.

Don’t you love these herb markers? Stevia and cilantro….

Purple basil…

I love how Cabell uses these giant silver bins, I think they’re supposed to be for horse feeding? What a great use for veggie growing! I hope Cabell’s garden gives you some ideas for veggie growing this summer.

PS – DIY eggshell fertilizer. And what to do with homegrown tomatoes? A tomato tart.

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