Kitchenette Redo

May 15, 2013

In case you haven’t heard yet, The Curtis Casa is getting a new roommate! My sister, Anna, is moving in with us in June! Anna just graduated from college and is finding her footing in the real world. We’ve got plenty of space (more than the two of us have needed for the past three years!) and are thrilled to welcome my sis into our home.

Our basement was listed as an “in-law suite” when we bought the house, it’s a large family room, one bedroom, one bathroom and a kitchenette. Cool, huh! Here’s what we’ve done with it. First, we made it a man cave: dark colors, big tv, beer posters. Sometimes we toyed with the idea of renting it out. Mostly we just had movie nights down there. It just became a sad space we never used. With my sister moving in, I’m super excited to re-think and give the space a little love. First up for a little refreshing, the kitchenette! Fair warning… This is a pretty sad “before” state. I jokingly say that the previous owner had a moose theme going on and he left all of his moose-paraphernalia here when he moved out. We threw it away but the vibe is still moose lodge-esque, I think.
Just look at these countertops… It’s a leaf motif. I’ve been trying to get rid of it since we moved in, I’ve just never had a good reason.
The cabinets themselves are actually great quality – better than our kitchen upstairs. They have the thick hinges that close slowly and all the drawers slide evenly like they’re supposed to. The green color is actually not bad. It’s an interesting, soft, earthy tone that’s surprisingly nice when you remove it from this area. Why the green, wood and leaf motif all together? I’ll never know. 
(Now, the brown paint color I take full responsibility for. We were painting a man cave, I love neutrals and browns and I didn’t know what I was doing so I picked this color. It’s also actually an okay color on it’s own. But man, all together… yuck-o-la.)

So here’s our plan to fix up this tiny kitchenette for my sister. Finally, an excuse to get that leaf motif out of here! I’m thrilled to be adding a little butcher block to the mix, from the fine folks over at J. Aaron Wood Countertops. (More on them coming soon!) Butcher block, green, brass, pops of color, lots of white, maybe a backsplash… All good things! I can’t wait to get started.
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3 thoughts on “Kitchenette Redo

  1. Joy Uyeno

    How exciting! Oh, I wish you lived closer so I could come and pitch in. There’s nothing I love more than a small space facelift. I can’t wait to see the results!


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