Mother’s Day Arrangements with Grocery Store Flowers

May 8, 2013

If you need a quick centerpiece arrangement or just need to drop off a little Happy Mother’s Day bouquet for a friend, grab a few flowers from your local grocery or farmer’s market. I got these ranunculus and hyacinths from Trader Joe’s, I always seem to get lucky with flowers there! Here are a few tips for creating a simple, beautiful arrangement for a Mom in your life!
Start with the hyacinth (or other short, thick flower) to create a strong base and add ranunculus around the outside. Cut the stems at different lengths and place the ranunculus at various heights. Use a rubberband to hold the arrangement together at the base. Add extras from your garden or your neighbors garden! I added a little maidenhair fern and the one purple anemone I had from my blooms to add a little pop. 
I placed a few ranunculus blooms and some maidenhair fern in your vase to create a base and fluff up the arrangement. You can do this before or after you add the arrangement, I did a bit of both.

Voila! Treat Mom to a lovely Mother’s Day arrangement and she’ll enjoy it all week long!

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