Staghorn Ferns

May 3, 2013

I spotted my most recent garden obsession in a local garden center while Mom and I were walking around looking for inspiration and talking about ideas for the deck.  It didn’t make sense on our deck, but for a few days the staghorn fern was all I could think about! I called back later and the one I liked had already sold. But I’m still on the hunt to find one of these beauties. Where I’ll put it, I have no idea. But I have to have one.

The uniquely shaped fronds obviously give staghorn ferns (also known as Platycerium) their name. Isn’t it such a unique shape? I love how it attaches itself to such a small area, how does it do that?!

Would you ever hang one of these funny ferns in your house? Are there any other garden obsessions you’ve seen lately? I’d love to know.

PS – There’s also a Staghorn fern in the background behind this sweet vizsla. Did you spot it?

images via flora grubb gardens / terrain / / design*sponge

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3 thoughts on “Staghorn Ferns

  1. Emily Wignall

    I just moved from San Diego, and I had large ferns hanging on my back fence there. They must have been at least 15-20 years old were so heavy they were almost pulling the fence down. One of my favorite plants ever!


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