Potting Bench

June 4, 2013

Do you guys remember when I instagrammed that I was getting a really special birthday present this year? Well, my fabulous father-in-law delivered it and put the finishing touches on it here in our backyard and I finally got to stain it a few weeks ago. It is handmade with lots of love and so very beautiful!
I wanted to go with a grayish color, but still be able to see the grain, knots and irregularities in the wood so I went with a semi-transparent Behr wood stain, Boot Hill Gray. (Also, the house color and potting bench color look more similar in these photos than they really are.)
This area beside our screened-in porch is coming together nicely. The air conditioning units are here, up against the house and make it an unsightly area. (Oh how I wish they were around the other side of the house where we never go!) Anyway, they’re here and we like AC so we’ll take it. For the past two years we’ve had two ligustrum shrubs to cover up the AC units, but we moved them to make a home for the potting bench. This is a high traffic area in the garden so it makes the most sense to have it here. Especially if we ever have a garden party (!), the potting bench can serve as the bar. Hello, garden party!

It’s a massive (heavy!) structure and it feels great to have such a huge workspace. I’ve already filled it up with lots of plants, pots and dirt.

PS – Thank you to my sweet in-laws for such a lovely birthday present! I really, really love it.
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6 thoughts on “Potting Bench

  1. emily

    gorgeous! I love the semi-transparent stain. I looks perfect. You’re going to have a lot of fun with your new present!

  2. Katie Ketelsen

    Great stain color choice! So jealous that you have a potting bench — I’m still using the deck ;)

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