Style 11 / Blue & White

June 17, 2013

Even though I knew the process of growing my hair out would take forever, I’ve found myself at a loss for what to do with my long(er) locks now that it’s grown out. For example, there are no hair ties to be found in this house! You would think there would be a few laying around my makeup drawer or under the sink, right? Did I throw them all away or something? It was only a little over a year ago that I used them daily. 

I couldn’t find a single one to enjoy my new, tiny pony tail. Then when I did finally find one, tucked away in an old makeup bag, I promptly lost it. I also kind of forgot how to put my hair up (in those fancy up-do’s) or how to use a bobbi pin (in all those creative ways I used to twist them around to stick them to my head). Who forgets these things?! Hopefully, I’m just a little rusty. Surely my long-lock-habits will return soon.

Anyway, that’s beside the point. The point is that I really love these polka dot pants from J.Crew! Aren’t they cute? I just need something red to wear with this outfit to make it a perfect red, white and blue trio for the fourth of July in a couple weeks.
Oh and these green Soludos are my favorite summer shoe. Comfy espadrilles are the best addition to any casual summer look, I think. So is a ponytail, really, but I’m still looking for my hair ties.
Top: Anthropologie (similar) / Polka dot Pants: JCrew, Shoes: Soludos (similar)

Photos by Betsy McPherson
Copyright Whitney Curtis 2010-2013

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