Top 6 Houseplant Suggestions

June 14, 2013

I’ve had a couple of friends email me lately asking what my best suggestions are for indoor plants. I have quite a few indoor plants, a maidenhair fern, a fiddle leaf fig tree (more info here!) and lots of succulents. Clearly, I’m obsessed. Anyway, those are all great options and here are a few more.

English Ivy 

You usually see English Ivy outside covering old walls and sides of buildings, but it’s actually a great indoor option too. You can get it in a topiary form, which is easy for small spaces and looks great, like in a kitchen window or on the counter. This one does best in indirect, medium sunlight or low sunlight.
Staghorn Fern
The staghorn fern is my new favorite plant. I just got two (!) last week! I can’t speak from personal experience just yet, but staghorn ferns generally love bright, indirect light. Apparently, direct, strong summer sunlight will damage the fronds. They do thrive in humid conditions, so you should mist often (maybe daily) with water to create a moist environment. (More coming on staghorns!)

*Update (7/25/13) – I can speak from personal experience now. I have two staghorns and just mounted one myself. They are great! Hang them on the wall for an interesting houseplant. Soak them in the sink to water.

You’ve probably seen pothos plants in offices and wondered if it’s a real plant or not. They look a little waxy sometimes but they’re great for removing toxins and cleaning the air. This is also a great option if you travel a lot or if you’re a forgetful waterer! Pothos does not like to be constantly wet, so let it dry out completely between waterings. Best in indirect, medium sunlight but it will also tolerate very low light.
This is a fun one! (That’s my heart-shaped philodendron in the photo above.) It looks similar to Pothos, but I like it better. These are also easy to care and great for forgetful waterers. I literally don’t remember the last time I watered mine. I think it was about two weeks ago. Philodendrons can grow as a vine but I like to keep mine short. Occasional watering and a little bit of sunlight and they’re a great option. I keep mine in the sunroom where the light is always bright but indirect.
Succulents & Cacti
Succulents and cacti are a great option for a low care indoor plants. They like the dry and warm conditions indoors, and usually like direct light, but can adapt to low light areas as well. If you keep them in a low light area they’ll begin to grow toward the closest light source. Another great option if you forget to water your plants, they need a fast-draining potting medium that can completely dry out between waterings. I water my succulents about once every two weeks.
I hope these suggestions are helpful! And feel free to let me know if you guys have any other gardening questions! I’ll be happy to post about what I know. Happy Friday!
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