How To Mount a Staghorn Fern

July 25, 2013

I’ve been obsessing over the staghorn fern for a while now. Have you seen these? They are so striking! You can pot them in a regular pot too, but mounting them makes for a really interesting house plant. Here’s how to do it!
This project really only took a few hours to complete, you could easily knock it out one afernoon or over a weekend!
Here’s what you’ll need:
Staghorn fern
Piece of wood (any size or type of wood you choose)
Sphagnum moss and a bowl for soaking
6 screws
Thin wire or fishing line
Thick wire for hanging

You can mount your staghorn fern on any type of wood you’d like – a pine plank (like mine), a piece of driftwood, a pallet board, anything. I did give my piece a layer of stain so the moisture wouldn’t soak in and cause rot.

Step 1. I started out by measuring where I wanted to place my four screws. I did 1 inch from the sides since I had a thin piece of wood, and I placed them in the upper third of the board.
Step 2. Soak your sphagnum moss in a bowl of water. Begin by squeezing out excess water and place the moss as a bed on the wood, in a square-ish shape within the screws. The bottom should be a little bit of a hill so the fern can rest on it, when you turn it upright.

Here’s what the hill or lump on the bottom should look like – just a little bit thicker.

Step 3. Now take your staghorn fern out of its plastic pot and loosen the root ball. You don’t want too much of the roots to make the fern stick out. I left about a third of the root ball, I think.

Step 4. Place more sphagnum moss on top of the root ball and around the sides to secure it.

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Step 5. Take your thin wire or fishing line and gently but tightly wrap a square shape and an x shape around your four screws to hold the fern tightly to the wood. I went around a bunch of times!
When you’ve finished with the wire, flip it right-side-up slowly and jiggle it around a bit to make sure you’ve got it secure. 

Step 6. Add another set of screws and a piece of wire for hanging. Or you could also use a picture frame hanger or something on the back of the wood, if you prefer that look. 
That’s all! This is such a funky house plant, I have two now and I just love them. Do you guys have house plants? Do you think they’re an important part of your decor? I’m curious! Oh and yes you do have to water these bad boys! Next week, I’ll show you how I water mine.
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4 thoughts on “How To Mount a Staghorn Fern

  1. emily

    i was just outside in my backyard staring at my staghorn fern contemplating how to mount it! now i know! i have two I am going to mount in my backyard for the rest of the summer, but how much sunlight to they need indoors? i’d love to bring them indoors for the winter.

  2. Kelsey Cronkhite

    This is amazing! I’m definitely going to have to try this out. I recently bought two house plants, and am loving having the freshness in my space.


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