Style 14 / Candy Striper

July 30, 2013

Do you ladies have those dresses that take you back to one specific memory? I have a few of them – and this red and white stripe dress is one of them. When I look at this dress, I always think of that trip to NYC I took with my college roommates. It was one of those fun ones you’ll never forget. We were in Times Square, I think, and this guy whisked by, asking me something about being a candy striper. Huh? I had no idea what it meant! You know, one of those phrases that you hear and just pretend like you know what it means? Yeah. So now I know what a candy striper is. And I think of NYC every time.

Photos by Betsy McPherson & More style shoots here

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3 thoughts on “Style 14 / Candy Striper

  1. Joy | Frock Files

    You look gorgeous – your hair is just fantastic! And good job, Betsy, on taking such great photos!


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