Container Gardens in San Francisco

August 29, 2013

While we were in San Francisco last week, I constantly had my phone out snapping pictures of everything. (Of course!) I actually deleted a ton of photos from my phone library before we left because I knew I’d be taking so many on our trip that I’d run out of space! I bet I stopped every 10 feet to take a picture. Allen was constantly walking and waiting and walking and waiting for me to catch up to him every time I stopped to snap. What was I snapping? Everything really. But mostly the container gardens. They were everywhere, filled with succulents and geraniums and herbs. I couldn’t get enough.
I loved the pairings of old terra cotta pots, singular modern pots with succulents, vertical gardens and wooden containers. They were all so lovely and different, I had to capture them so I could remember what it was I liked about each one. Which one is your favorite?
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2 thoughts on “Container Gardens in San Francisco

  1. K W

    i love them all. my favorite is the little wooden one.
    i wish we would of been near a parklet, i think you would of liked them.


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