Four Years

August 1, 2013

Today marks four years since my husband Allen and I walked down the aisle and promised to spend the rest of our lives loving and cherishing each other. I’m a teary-eyed mess when I think about how much I love this man and how much life we’ve experienced in just four years together. I’m thankful everyday that Allen is beside me when the days are easy, fun and free and when the days are hard, too. Especially the hard days. Thank you, Allen. I love being married to you!

PS – Last year, I did a whole series of posts documenting all the details of our wedding. Read those posts here!

PPS – What would I have named my blog if I hadn’t married a Curtis?

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4 thoughts on “Four Years

  1. K W

    weddings are my favorite, i will now spend a ridiculous amount of time looking through every single one of your wedding posts. happy anniversary!


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