How To Water A Staghorn Fern

August 2, 2013

Last week I showed you how to mount a staghorn fern, so now you need to know how to water your new staghorn fern! It’s not as hard as you might think. I didn’t water mine for over a week in this photo below, so it was really wilty and ready for a drink!
The fern has sphagnum moss surrounding the roots. Sphagnum moss stores water really well so you get it wet and it’ll stay wet and keep moisture in for a few days. I’ve been watering my staghorn ferns about once a week, but I keep a close eye on the leaves if they’re getting wilted.

I start out by getting all the moss wet, moving the leaves around gently to get the water in all the nooks and crannies.

Then, I fill the sink up with water and hold the fern (and the plank it’s attached to) underwater for a few minutes at a time. It bubbles and soaks up the water! I’ll do this maybe three times until it feels heavy and the moss and soil feel completely full of water.

When I’m done, I drain all the water and let the fern sit in the sink to air dry. I like for the plank to be almost completely dry before I hang it back up on the wall. That’s it! Pretty easy, right? Let me know if you mount your own staghorn, I’d love to see!
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