Rug Love

August 28, 2013

I posted on Instagram a while ago that I was still looking for a rug for the sunroom, which also serves as my home office, phone-chatting spot, Birch’s napping area, etc. I looked around online and wasn’t super happy with anything I saw. That’s why I was super excited when Medallion Rug Gallery asked me to take a look at a few of their area rugs and pick one out. As I scrolled through so many of their lovely collections, I kept repeating “yes” in my head at every click. Their kilim selection is spot on and I think I spotted a new trend… llamas on rugs! Yes! Let’s all hop on board.
Are you in love with the llamas and crazy stick-figure guys yet? Or maybe you still love the kilim style? Anyway, I need help deciding on an area rug for my space! Which one do you guys like? I love love love the llamas (obviously!) but that top one might be a little too neutral? I do love the colors in the kilims below. Help!
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