A Gorgeous Greenhouse

September 18, 2013

Good morning, friends! I’ve got some gorgeous greenhouse inspiration to share today. I blogged about this place last week in my Better Homes & Gardens column, but it’s too good not to share a few more photos here. This is the greenhouse on the Anne Springs Close Greenway property, just outside of Charlotte, NC. When my cousin got married a couple weeks ago, we spent Saturday morning in this green oasis for the bridesmaids breakfast. It was so lovely. And I literally walked around with my jaw hanging open.

So many terra cotta pots…

Do you see this giant fiddle leaf fig tree sprouting up into the ceiling? It is MASSIVE!

(Oh, hey Mama!)

One of the coolest things about the pool space is the slide! It is gorgeous and funky and makes you think of The Great Gatsby. The whole space is just 50’s glamorous and makes you want to plant a fern while wearing a sparkly dress. At least that what I’d want to do there. :)

Mina, the bride and my cousin, is so cute – she wanted to swim with her bridesmaids and got these precious flower swimcaps so they wouldn’t mess up their hair! How cute is that?

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