BHG Stylemakers Event

September 25, 2013

You all know by now that I’m just crazy about the ladies over at Better Homes & Gardens. The trip last week in NYC was a dream and I want to share all the photos! That would take forever, so I’ll refrain and share my favorites. Avi Gerver was the energetic photographer for the day, snapping photos at every turn. (Thank you, Avi!) And a very special thank you to Kaelin and her team for their tireless efforts to plan, organize and hustle their way to a fabulous workshop and a chic party. You did it!
The event space was really chic. The wall of windows gave us a really neat view of the city streets, beautiful buildings and a pretty patio down below. There was also a really huge monitor mounted on the side of the building next door with a stream of gorgeous BHG photos and smilebooth photos from the event! You could take a picture in the smilebooth and it streamed across the building to the screen for everyone to see. What an awesome addition to a party!
Shout out to some of my favorite BHG ladies! Liz, Allison and Alexa, you are fabulous!

We got to hear from a fabulous panel during the party, moderated by Maxwell Ryan himself. Kayce Hughes, Eddie Ross and Annette Joseph shared stories from their personal careers and professional journeys, plus were just so charming and inspirational.

Hi gals! My cute friends Sarah and Jeran.

Thanks for such a great party, BHG! See you next year!

And here’s the cute video!

All photos by Avi Gerver Photography

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  1. annette

    it was a great event, nice post! so fun to hear all the questions at the end of our panel. stop by my site and have a peek , I love yours so pretty!


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