‘Burbs of Atlanta: Roswell Food Scene 1

September 16, 2013

Happy Monday, friends! I’m here with another installment of ‘Burbs of Atlanta today! If you live in Atlanta, you’ve probably heard about the food scene that’s been growing in Roswell over the past couple of years. It’s all true. The precious downtown Canton street area has exploded with awesome restaurants and delicious food. I’ve only lived in Roswell for four years, and just in that short amount of time this area has become a hot spot. Here are three places you have to check out if you venture out into the ‘burb of Roswell.
Roswell Provisions is a great little place for lunch, coffee, or an after dinner gelato. They sell wine and home stuff too. The owner is full-blood French and you can tell it. Everything is written in that quintessential French handwriting and the coffee is really, really good.
And one of my all-time favorite spots, Diesel. It’s a pizza place that (obviously, by its name) is in an old garage building and it’s right around the corner from Roswell Provisions. I usually request Diesel for casual summer date nights or birthday celebrations with family. They have big picnic tables and an awesome veggie pizza.

Another fun place we like the vibe of is The Roswell Tap. It’s a little more than a block from the center of Canton street, but it’s an easy walk right into all the action. (And a great place to park!)

Canton street really is one of those picturesque little corners of the world. There are twinkle lights galore, outdoor tables are always full of food and laughter, and there are people buzzing around everywhere. It’s really a fun scene for a double date or just a night out with friends. If this doesn’t convince you, don’t worry! I have a few more posts like this one with restaurant features coming up. Cheers!

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