DIY Marbled Onesie

September 23, 2013

Do you guys think the marbling trend is still going? I tried it a couple of times in the spring and I really loved it. I’m still curious about different materials and fabrics being marbled, so I’ve been wanting to experiment! That’s why I was super excited to get a chance to partner with Pottery Barn Kids on a DIY Halloween costume inspired by the Pottery Barn Kids Halloween costumes. I came up with a little mini-costume for a little sister to wear, while her big sister wears this cute peacock fairy one! (Can you tell I have a sister and hope I have lots of daughters? Ha! I can just see my future 4 year old wearing that peacock costume, and me wanting her baby sister to match!)
The DIY marble technique is pretty easy! Here’s how I did it, all with materials I already had around the house. (Except the onesie and the baby. The onesie I got at Target and the baby belongs to my sweet friend, Jeanette, who graciously let me borrow her for a photo!)
You’ll need:
A onesie
Nail polish (4+ colors)
Wooden skewer
Big bowl or tupperware full of water
I like the look of four, coordinating colors together for a marble look. I chose purples, blue and mint to kind of go with the peacock fairy costume colors.
The marbling process is surprisingly easy. I was prepared to do a couple of tests and trial runs, but the first shot went so well that I didn’t even need them! Basically, you just drip your nail polish into the water, in a loose pattern. The water will move and the pattern will change, so you can’t count on it too much, but the idea of the pattern will remain. The nail polish forms a bit of a film over the water, so the different colors will attach to one another and you won’t be able to move them once they’re in the water.
It looks cool, right?! I loved these colors together. Here’s where the skewer and clothespin are important. In order to get the onesie in all the polish at the same angle and time, you need to be able to hold all sides!
*Tip:  The cotton will not pick up the nail polish if it’s wet. That’s why it’s important to lay the onesie onto the polish all at the same time.

Dip once and remove the onesie from the water slowly. And voila! A marbled look. I know the marble really has nothing to do with the peacock look, but I loved the colors and really wanted to try marbling on cotton!

I let the onesie dry overnight and couldn’t wait to see what happened to the polish as it dried. Warning! Some of the polish will flake off! Especially when you stretch it out to put it on a cute little baby! I made a quick tulle tu-tu to match the big girl peacock costume and it looked super cute.

FYI – Since the nail polish flaked off pretty easily, I wouldn’t recommend this technique for any type of regular-wear situation. But for a one-night costume, I think it’s pretty cute!

And as a little pre-Halloween treat, Pottery Barn Kids is offering 20% off plus free shipping on all of their treat bags online. There are some super cute ones, if you need to grab a special treat bag for your trick-or-treat-ers for Halloween!

  This post is sponsored by Pottery Barn Kids.

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