Happy Weekend

September 27, 2013

It’s been a full couple of weeks for me and this little blog. I am thankful. I wish I was able to fully express my gratitude for you guys, friends and readers, who keep coming back to check in on the blog and on me. I don’t take you for granted and I am thankful for the time you spend on this blog. I want to keep bringing you great content, inspiring images and a little bit of fun too. This fall we’re going to tackle a full redesign of the site and I can’t wait to start that process and get your opinions in a couple of months. (Yay! No more DIY-ing my blog design. I’m hiring out for this one!) I want to really hone in on what you guys like to read, what you want from me and how I can help you and learn from you. I hope to focus the blog on what is good, beautiful and useful. So thanks, friends. I really love you and the internet.

One thought on “Happy Weekend

  1. Supal

    you go, girl! Keep it going, we’re just… you know… here with our coffees and teas taking notes on becoming green thumbs and the like :) xx


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