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September 19, 2013

Good morning, friends! So remember how I quit my job in January and I work from home now? Well, I always talk about my sunroom and how much I love it, and with the final addition of a colorful area rug it’s finally ready to show off! It’s only a little different from the before, but when I started spending more time in this room and using it for a totally different purpose, I didn’t need the sofa and ottoman. Instead? An awesome low bookshelf (the Ikea Expedit), thin upholstered bench, and a fiddle leaf fig tree!

Isn’t my new kilim rug gorgeous? I love it so much. I actually tried two different layering looks, but ended up liking it better without one. The folks over at Medallion Rug sent it over and I love it. It’s worn and colorful and perfect. Also apparently I love orange. I didn’t know I had such a love affair with orange but it’s true. My wedding flowers were orange, my logo is orange, the list goes on.

The Ikea Expedit is perfect for my storage and shelving needs. I have a basket dedicated to computer stuff, a basket for photography gear, and an office supply basket. I had to have a bulletin board to collect all my little trinkets and tags and memories, and the two framed photos on the left are photos of old factories in my hometown, by Kendall Milano. (She’s pretty great.) That bottom right square is full of papers and receipts and business things that I should probably organize.

Obviously, I had to have the greenery! I added my fiddle leaf fig tree a while ago and my staghorn fern is a more recent addition. Here’s how I mounted it!

Rug c/o Medallion Rug

6 thoughts on “My Home Office

  1. K W

    i love it! and check out your view, amazing!
    i’m not planning on having an office for a while, however, i would love a desk!
    and i love the rug, love it!

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