5 Tips for Arranging Wildflowers

October 2, 2013

Happy Wednesday, friends! I have some pretty flowers to show you today. Remember my cousin’s wedding from a few weeks ago? My mom, sister and I arranged the flowers at the reception (brightly colored zinnias, dahlias and sunflowers!) and we used a few of these tricks and tips as we arranged. Take a look!

1. Keep ’em cool. Obviously an outdoor event, in North Carolina, in September is going to be a hot one. But overheating and wilting can be a concern no matter where you are. We kept our flowers in cool water and tried to avoid too much transportation time in the hot car. When we finished arranging and setting, we walked around and plunked ice cubes in each vessel for a little boost.
2. Keep your colors consistent! Or not. My cousin’s wedding was a carnival theme (complete with a ferris wheel!) So she wanted bright, primary colors. Some of our arrangements were more color schemed and some where a mixture!
3. Think about display. Where is your arrangement going? Are you going to see it from all sides? Or just from the front? For this watering can arrangement, it was up against a wall at the entry so the focal point was front and center.
4. Use the stronger stems where you need structure. Zinnias and sunflowers have really strong stems, so use them as a tool, lean other flowers behind them, brace a flower with a falling head between strong stems.
5. Forage and add greenery. For all our arrangements, we foraged branches and greenery from the barn property and from Aunt Betsy’s front yard. (Take what you can get!) The zinnias and dahlias came from a flower farm in NC, and we also grabbed wild sunflowers and grocery store sunflowers to add to the mix. It all works together!

2 thoughts on “5 Tips for Arranging Wildflowers

  1. K W

    beautiful! i’ve wanted to practice arranging flowers.
    thanks for the tips!
    now i need tips on how not to kill plants. haha.



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