Custom Pet Portraits

October 25, 2013

Do you have a pet? Do you treat your pets like four-legged people? Allen and I are crazy about our dog Birch. He’s a vizsla. He gets snuggled and cuddled like it’s his job. It’s nuts how much we love him! Anyway, my sister is a talented artist so I asked her to paint us a little portrait of Birch. She did a fabulous job!

Anna and I talked about how different it is to paint a likeness, a portrait. She represented Birch’s little personality flawlessly! So if you have a four-legged friend and would like a portrait done, check out Anna’s Etsy shop.

I know a few of my pet loving friends would love to have a memory of their pup captured and hanging on the wall! You can send Anna a photo of your pet and she’ll discuss with you the details of the painting. And voila! A precious memory. PS – This would make a great Christmas gift!
Have a great weekend!

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