DIY Marbled Style

October 15, 2013

For this marbled style post, I wanted to try my hand marbling some denim. We attempted this one with oil based paint mixed with mineral spirits. It sort of worked! It was a total experiment and I’m glad we tried it, though I’m not sure I’d wear these on a regular basis. Read on, I’ll explain how we did it.

My sister and I used the exact same technique as the marbled onesie and it worked pretty well. We mixed a few colors of oil based paint with the solvent she uses to clean her brushes as she paints. We used oil based for a two reasons – 1. It’ll stain your clothes. 2. It doesn’t mix with water. (Plus, Anna’s a painter so we had all these materials on hand.) Mixing a bit of solvent in to dilute the paint helped make the color more liquidy and fluid. We figured the water would be a good medium for transporting the color and then the color would stain the denim once it touched. We were right!

The fabric definitely absorbs the oil paint/solvent mixture well. The only thing I’d change would be how much paint we put in the water, it mixed all together and became a burnt orange color rather than a true marbled look with lots of different colors swirled together. Some places definitely look more marbled than others. But it’s definitely a neat experiment!

*This post is sponsored by Ford Fiesta Movement and I was compensated for my participation. Opinions expressed are my own. The Ford Fiesta Movement is a group of 100 YouTube celebrities (aka agents) completing missions surrounding the arrival of the new 2014 Fiesta. I’m not an agent, but I am supporting the Ford Fiesta Movement over the next few weeks/months.

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