Marbled Style

October 8, 2013

I’m still really loving the DIY marbled trend – on paper, on light switches, and on office supplies. I pinned this pair of marbled jeans a while ago and I was so curious what would happen marbling fabric. I tried it with tiny onesie and nail polish first. And I’ve got another one to show you next week! I’m liking these marbled pieces as inspiration… Do you guys like the marbling trend in accessories or clothing or both?! I like both, obviously. :)

*This post is sponsored by Ford Fiesta Movement and I was compensated for my participation. Opinions expressed are my own. The Ford Fiesta Movement is a group of 100 YouTube celebrities (aka agents) completing missions all hailing the arrival of the new 2014 Fiesta. I’m not one of these agents, I will be given missions, over the next few weeks, inspired by the movement.

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