Home Tour: Anna & Adam’s Classic Ranch in Historic Roswell, GA

November 20, 2013

I’m really excited to share today’s home tour with y’all. This home has a really neat story and really special owners, our friends Anna and Adam Braund. They live in the precious retail and restaurant district of Roswell. The home was built in the 1960’s and actually underwent a massive fire in 2007. In 2008,  White-Campbell Construction completed a full renovation of the home, retaining the original footprint. Since then, Anna and Adam have made the home their own, warm and welcoming.
Anna is a talented interior designer and has always used their home as a showcase for her work. Don’t you love the idea of having two sofas in your family room? I think it’s such a cozy way to organize a room. I always love walking into this room. And the art wall? Masterful! Anna built this art wall over time, and has a lot of really special, family pieces. The sketch of the man is one of Anna’s pieces, it’s her grandfather.

Family Room Sources
Sofas: LEE Industries & J. Redmond

Ottoman: Zentique (custom fabric)
Painting above sofa: Signe Grushovenko, via Muse & Co. in Roswell
Porcelain antlers on side table: Honeycomb Studio

The eat-in area of the kitchen is a great transition area from the family room into the kitchen and formal dining room. I love how Anna’s taste is neutral and simultaneously so chic. From the paint colors, cabinet colors, and that painting – it’s all so seamless. Anna’s eye for design and layout is flawless, if you need help with your home, definitely reach out to Anna! Oh and and her mom made that linen table runner! Perfect.

Eat-in Kitchen Sources

Kitchen Table: Antique
Chairs: Herman Miller
Light fixture: Ballard Designs
Painting: via Muse & Co.

This dining room is such a great, formal space without feeling too fancy. Those chairs! The portrait on the back wall is a gorgeous painting, I should have taken an up close shot! It’s Anna in her wedding dress, painted by a lovely woman and portrait painter Kay Robb.

Dining Room Sources

Dining Room Table: The Provance Collection, France
Chairs: Acquisitions Atlanta
Curtains: Ballard Designs
Rug: Karastan

And finally, out the back door is my favorite space, the patio! I love everything about this bright green space. (I took these photos over the summer, so it was lush and green!) The layout makes for a great place to sit back and have a cocktail. I know Anna and Adam and their pup Gus love this space!

Patio Sources
Patio furniture: Kingsley Bate
Cable knit pillow: Pottery Barn
Porcelain Apothecary Bottles: Honeycomb Studio

Thank you, Anna and Adam, for sharing your home with us! If you’ve been thinking about consulting with an interior designer for any questions about your home, I highly recommend Anna Braund. She’s come over to my house many-a-time to help me with paint color choices and layout questions. You will love working with Anna and seeing her design-eye come to life in your home.
PS – If you have specific questions for any sources not listed here, leave a comment and we’ll get the answer from Anna!

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