November 18, 2013

We’re moving. It’s as simple and as complicated as that one little word. Moving. We sold our house and we’re moving. Something as big as moving shouldn’t really be unexpected, it’s just that we didn’t expect it to happen so fast. We were just going to do a “test run” before the holidays and now we’re moving out. I’m excited and I’m sad. I’m hopeful and I’m nostalgic. I’m giddy and I’m terrified.
We’ve lived in this house for four years. It’s really the only place we’ve called home. (Except for that funny apartment where spent a few weeks when we were first married, before we bought this house.) We got our dog and started our life together, in this house.

Our reasons for moving are many. We have a full list of reasons, four years of considering our options and lots of conversations about a potential move. It makes sense for us right now, but that obviously doesn’t make it less sad. I cried more than a few times on Saturday as we started packing up. Allen came around the corner into the kitchen, casually mentioning he’d start packing up the laundry room first, and I just lost it. (Allen was very sweet and offered to start in a different room.) But other rooms in the house didn’t affect me nearly as much as I thought they would.
So… As if starting a new job wasn’t enough transition for one season, we are packing up, scheduling movers, organizing boxes, and finding a new place to live. And life is good.

8 thoughts on “Moving

  1. Kelsey @ Pinegate Road

    Oh my goooooosh! Sending huge happy vibes your way. Moving is the worst and best, just as you describe :) Just think of all the new decorating and arranging you’ll get to do! Best of luck throughout this transition!

  2. Fletcher @ High Cotton Style

    Congratulations! What is up with everyone moving? I just posted about us moving, and Kim posted about moving today as well! Happy New house!

  3. James Harrison

    Great!! I think if you have a good plan & strategies to move so may move easily & stress free. So, have you planned for your move?

  4. Heather Bailey

    Wow, that is a little sad, but exciting at the same time! I am sure you will make your new home just as nice, or even better ;-)


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