Tablesetting Inspiration

November 12, 2013

With my holiday entertaining wishlist pretty well stocked with blues and greens, so now I’m searching for tabblesetting inspiration. A few special and unexpected elements make for a great table, so I’m trying to remember that! Here are a few tablescapes I love.

Pickles! How unexpected is that! I love the colors and muted tones of this dinner, from Alt NYC.

I love how many different vases and textures there are in this tablesetting Michael put together for My Colortopia.

Blues and greens and blues and greens. A soft blue runner, blue vases and greenery at Blogshop Nasvhille.

And I love the wood plank runner here with silver pitchers for the florals in this Sunday Suppers and 100 Layer Cake collaboration.

*This post is sponsored by Ford Fiesta Movement and I was compensated for my participation. Opinions expressed are my own. The Ford Fiesta Movement is a group of 100 YouTube celebrities (aka agents) completing missions surrounding the arrival of the new 2014 Fiesta. I’m not an agent, but I am supporting the Ford Fiesta Movement over the next few weeks/months.

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