Goodbye House

December 2, 2013

Yesterday was a long, hard day of moving. We said goodbye to the house we’ve called home for the past four years. Though I cried less yesterday than the day we packed everything up, it didn’t feel any less real. It was odd to walk around our house without the furniture, rugs, picture frames, and trinkets that made it ours. Thank you, little house, for giving us our first home… It’s the place we spent holidays together, the place we brought home our first puppy, the place we learned how to be married together, the place we welcome friends and family, and the place that’s defined home for us. Thank you, little house. We love you and we will miss you.

5 thoughts on “Goodbye House

  1. Heather Bailey

    Awwwwww bittersweet. You have plenty of pictures to remember it, and now you can start fresh in a new home!

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