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December 12, 2013

Flashback to last Tuesday night. We grabbed dinner to go and headed over to the house to have one last dinner, pick up any last items and wipe everything down with a clorox wipe. We talked about our favorite memories we made in the house and we said goodbye. Oh, the tears. We gathered up our animals and walked out the door. Oh, it still gets me. Since we’ve been with my husband’s parents over a week now, I’m curious if anyone has any tips for moving with pets? They’ve done pretty well so far…

Iris, our adopted cat, is a trooper and I’m now convinced that she’s going to be one of those cats who lives forever and you laugh about how she’s 17 and still kicking. She’s indoor/outdoor and understood that this is her new (temporary!) home really quickly. She loves adventuring around outside, but doesn’t go too far. I can walk right out the door and call her name and she comes running. It’s cute! It’s interesting, actually, because Iris was kind of a jerk sometimes, but since we’ve moved she’s been really affectionate and amenable. I think she recognized that she’s unsure and she needs us – so she better be nice! No more biting and scratching us!

And sweet Birch, our vizsla, is a big anxious baby. He’s getting used to all the new sounds and squeaks of a new living environment. He barks a lot and has trouble settling down sometimes because there’s so much new stuff to sniff and investigate. He’ll calm down, I’m sure. Just in time for us to find our new house and shake up his routine again! Oh boy. I’m sorry, Birchie.

Have you guys moved with animals? Any tips or tactics that worked well for you? I’d love to hear!

4 thoughts on “Pets & Moving

  1. Adina Marguerite

    Poor Birch! He looks like such a sweetie. We haven’t had to move yet (crossing fingers) so Parsley hasn’t had to experience that. However we have traveled a fair amount with her and I’ve found two things that help during anxious times: a drop or two of Rescue Remedy under her tongue and something to keep her busy licking and chewing for awhile – like a kong with peanut butter or a big bone.

  2. Joy | Frock Files

    Oh, I must have missed the post about your cat! Both she and Birch are so cute. I don’t have any advice to give because I haven’t moved any of my animals, but we do take Kona for overnights quite a bit, and she stayed at my husband’s parents’ house for 10 days while we were in Hawaii. As long as she has a playmate and a bone, she’s a happy camper. Which is kind of a bummer, really, because we get the feeling that she doesn’t miss us one bit!

  3. Heather Bailey

    We have moved twice with Ralphie! He is a very anxious dog (part jack russell) but I think since he only lived in our first apartment for 6 months, and he was about 8 months when we moved, he was still young and the move didn’t phase him too much. He had a couple accidents in the new apartment and then he got in the routine of going to the front door when he needed to pee. We were lucky to have so much time to move into the new house because we would bring him here everyday, he would sniff around, we would be cleaning and/or putting things away, and he could smell some of the boxes and things that smelled like home. He ran around frantically the first few times, as we would have expected, to get the lay of the land. This was almost 2 weeks of ‘visiting’ and moving in. We brought one of his dog bowls and fed him here a few times, so he would know where to eat. We were here for many hours and about a week before the big move, we moved our little couch here and t.v. so we would relax on the couch, watch t.v., then go back to the apartment to sleep. On moving day, we had him stay with a guy who watches dogs for a living, that he is used to, so he loves it there, playing with the other dogs and such, just like a play day. When we picked him up, we came to the new house. I think he was already used to it, but of course all the new sounds, and getting into a routine took about a week. Now, when I say, go to bed! He runs upstairs to the bedroom :-) I was worried, because I have heard horror stories. My step-sister’s dog is a toy yorkie, and he was in their house for about 3 or 4 years. When they moved he wouldn’t eat, wouldn’t sleep, and it took him 2 weeks to adjust. Then they had a baby… I am not sure how he adjusted but I heard he can get a little mean, so that is no good! Sorry for the long post, but I wish all the luck in your move and I hope it goes smoothly!

  4. Brandi

    I hope your pets are nice and settled. Your dog is beautiful. I have no advice to offer, just came over to say HELLO!! Hope 2014 is off to a great start for you and your family.


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