Alt Summit 2014 Recap

January 27, 2014

What a whirlwind trip to a Salt Lake City! I’m happy to be home and recovering from the exhaustion. Reflecting on my time at Alt this year, I’m so incredibly thankful for so many things: this internet community, my friends who are brave and fearless business women, the encouraging voices of women I admire, the endless inspiration that comes from being around these go-getters. Here are a few highlights of my time at Alt this year.


I arrived in Salt Lake City as early as I could on Wednesday, because Moorea, Chelsey and I hosted one of the Friday Night Mini Parties! Moorea and Chelsey were amazing and got there on Monday to start DIY-ing and setting up and stuff. (It was quite a feat to put together the whole room and it took way longer than we thought it would!)


Checking in and walking around the hotel on Wednesday is such a funny scene. There are squeals of “It’s so good to see you again” and “it’s great to finally meet you in person” – it’s really fun to hear the connections. The Wednesday night dinners are an easy introduction into 3 days of non-stop socializing and chatting. I went to the Furbish dinner and Jaime was a quite lovely hostess.

alt summit furbish

alt summit whitney curtis

On Thursday, we bopped around the conference meeting people and mostly setting up for our Mini Party. I spent the majority of my time distracting Chelsey and Moorea and working on this crazy carnival ceiling decoration. It took FOREVER. It was hilarious and really fun, but was taping streamers in my dreams.

alt summit 2014 panels

carnival party decorations

On Friday, I heard my new friend Jen (in the black stripes, she is so sweet!) speak about sharing your life online and dealing with negativity. (Thank the Lord I haven’t experienced the absurd negativity these ladies have. They have thicker skin than I do, for sure!) Lunch was styled by Furbish again, and it was fab. I’ve never seen so many mini piñatas in one room!

alt summit 2014 panels 2

alt summit 2014 furbish lunch

Finally on Friday night it was time for the CARNIVAL! I’ll do a whole other post about what we did for our party – and the other fabulous parties that I wish we’d gotten to attend! It was a really great night. And we all slept hard when it was over! ;)

carnival party costumes bearded lady ringmaster gypsy

All photos by Justin Hackworth and Brooke Dennis for Alt Summit

3 thoughts on “Alt Summit 2014 Recap

  1. Kathleen

    I loved the carnival party – you guys did an amazing job!! I’ve been telling everyone I know about the Ryan Gosling kissing booth. Can’t wait to see your post about it! :)

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