Hello, 2014!

January 3, 2014

Hello friends! Happy New Year! I love the beginning of the new year, don’t you? A fresh start, a clean slate, a blank canvas. It feels good to think about all the possibilities. I have been working on a few resolutions for the next 365 days, have you? I’m going to keep my list short and focused this year. There are so many things I’m excited about for 2014. I’m also really pumped about the new look of this little blog! Isn’t it pretty? The fabulous ladies over at blogzilla got it all set up for me. (Check them out if you’re in the market, really simple & sleek designs!) I’m all switched over to wordpress and I’m loving it already. It feels like I did a really deep clean on the blog, right on time for the new year. And I have to give my new friends at Bluehost a shout out (hey, Roger!) because they are total champs and have helped me way beyond “normal” customer service. Thank you guys!

celebrate So take a look around, friends. Click around a bit and let me know if anything is acting weird. I’m sure I’ll be tweaking things over the next few days.

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4 thoughts on “Hello, 2014!

  1. Melissa

    Whitney, it looks beautiful! I’m so jealous! Doing a migration and redesign has been on my to-do list for at least a year, but I always push it to the bottom of the list. Maybe this year will be the year! See you soon, friend!!

  2. Kirsten

    i love the new blog design! its seriously perfect for you.
    last year i made the switch to wordpress and i love it.
    can’t wait to see what this new year brings you and your blog!


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