My Mom’s House

January 9, 2014

When I go home to visit family, I always have my camera around and I always try to snap a few photos of my Mom’s house.  I usually get distracted with family, siblings and good food, but I finally took a few photos while we were at home over Thanksgiving. This was the house where I grew up after I was about 10, I think. My parents have been talking about moving lately, as empty nesters do, and it’s such a foreign thought to imagine “going home” to anywhere but this house. Here are a few of my favorite vignettes. It’s gorgeous, isn’t it? My Mom is really good at this stuff.
PS – Here’s my mom being stylish. And here’s a few snapshots of her garden.

3 thoughts on “My Mom’s House

  1. Michelle Schneider

    Your mom is SERIOUSLY cool! :) I’d LOOOVE to see more photos of her garden in the spring. Maybe she could do a guest post and tell us about her flowers? *flower nerd over here. You two are style divas. :)


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