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February 3, 2014

The business cards at Alt Summit really are a sight to behold. It’s always fun to see what creative ideas these ladies (and a few gents!) come up with to represent themselves on a piece of paper – or a salt shaker, a sticker, a pin, or a booklet. I even heard about one girl who was handing out leggings as her business cards! (I’m bummed I never found her!) Here are some of my favorite business cards from Alt 2014! And this is such a small sample of all the awesomeness, I didn’t get to grab as many as I would have liked since we were usually off decorating for our Carnival Party! (Pictures and details to come on the Carnival Party this week!)

business cards at alt

business cards at alt_pink



Swoon Studio / Lesley W Graham / Oh Hello Friend / Jen Loves Kev

business cards at alt_neutral

Oh So Antsy / Solly Baby / Blue Eyed Yonder

business cards at alt_multi

LEAP / And We Play / Melissa Hope / Pencil Shavings / Lay Baby Lay / Dandee Designs

business cards at alt_blue


Emily Jeffords / Katelyn Brook Designs / Cheri Leavy / Pretty Prudent

business cards at alt_black

A Storied Style / Design Crush / Paige Hewlett

PS – Business cards from Alt 2013!

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