House Hunting Update

February 14, 2014

Oh the joys of house hunting. The process of searching for a home is such a roller coaster! You spend a few months getting excited about listings and potentials, you envision yourself standing in a kitchen that doesn’t yet belong to you, and you dream of planting flowers next to the mailbox. Then you see the house in person and it doesn’t quite fit. Then you start over.


Great light, but that one was a no…



Awesome fireplace, but it was too small and too expensive…



Too small, awkward layout, and needed too much work…

We saw about a dozen homes in all, I think. All in different areas of town, several price ranges, and varied degrees of “this one needs work.” We’re really thankful that our search has led us to a wonderful house! The past few weeks we’ve been working out the details, you know, closing date, home inspection, that sort of thing. The roller coaster of emotion is almost over! I can’t wait to show you more photos and tell you about this awesome house. Eee!



Photos from my Instagram

11 thoughts on “House Hunting Update

  1. Meghan

    I’m so excited! Lesley said you guys might become neighbors! My fingers were crossed everything would work out for you. Can’t wait to see what you’ll do in such a darling space.

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