Tips for Growing A Kumquat Tree

February 25, 2014

I always say that I got my gardening bug from my Mom. Lucky me, she is a master! I got her a little mail-order kumquat tree for her birthday two years ago. Not for any practical reason, I just thought it was cute. We wondered if it would be hard to care for but it was worth a shot. I should say “she wondered” since it’s at her house in NC, but it’s been a group effort. Anyway, my sister sent me this picture the other day…. Two years later and the little kumquat tree is alive and well and needed to be transplanted to a bigger pot!

kumquat tree


Here are a few tips we’ve learned about kumquat trees over the past couple of years. I shared these last year and they’re still true.

Give ’em light. Keep your kumquat tree in a sunny window.

Kumquats love water. Kumquats like wet soil so water your tree about once a week and don’t let the soil dry out too much between watering.

Kumquat trees like sandy soil. Add some sand if your soil is too dense or clay-like.

Prune the suckers that grow at the base of the trunk. These mini branches will never grow fruit and only take away nutrients from the rest of the tree.

kumquat tree 1 kumquat tree 2

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