Ashley Woodson Bailey Prints

March 19, 2014

As we clear out the boxes from our recent move, I’m hesitantly peeking in each room envisioning how we’re going to start making this house our home. Where do we start? What’s most important? Lighting? Slipcovers? Rugs? Art? Well, I don’t think there’s a correct answer to that question, but I did find these fabulous flower prints in the new shop of fellow Atlantan, Ashley Woodson Bailey. Aren’t they breathtaking? She divides them between light and dark. I will definitely be hanging one of these beauties in our new house.

Ashley-Woodson-Bailey-Prints Ashley-Woodson-Bailey-Prints_Pure-Love_Unfortunate Love Ashley-Woodson-Bailey-Prints_Pure-Love_Pleasure


2 thoughts on “Ashley Woodson Bailey Prints

  1. Ashley

    You are awesome!!!!!!!! Thanks for the shout out. I can hardly wait to see the house! And hang one of my pieces in it! Just say the word! Xo-ash


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