Garden Guide: Quince

March 17, 2014

We’re starting a new spring column on the blog today! Meet Michelle, illustrator and painter, watercolor lover. Michelle and I met on the internet a few months ago and had the nicest time coming up with this new column. We’ve chosen some really fabulous springtime flowers to inspire you to get outside and plant them in your garden. I’ll share a little bit about how to care for the flower and you can buy the print in Michelle’s shop! Our first feature, and a favorite of mine, quince!


Flowering Quince

For most of the year the flowering quince is a frightening mass of thorns and sticks, but at the very end of winter when there’s hardly anything else in sight, the flowering quince is a welcome sight! It flowers for just a few weeks and goes back to being a thorny mess.

Sun: Full sun, a little shade
Soil: Well-drained
Water: Needs plenty of water when you first plant, then you can back off
Prune: Prune the oldest branches back to the ground after flowering 
Size: Up to 5 feet, can act like a barrier hedge with all those thorns

PS – Michelle’s Etsy Shop, Facebook, & lovely blog.

2 thoughts on “Garden Guide: Quince

  1. Brandi

    Such a pretty print! I’m not familiar with quince, but l’m interested in learning more. You had me at thorny mess, maybe it will keep my one dog from destroying them!

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