House Tour: The Front Rooms

March 10, 2014

Hello, friends! We’ve had quite an exciting weekend, moving into our new house. I know some of you saw my updates on Instagram! (Thank you for all your sweet comments!) Oh, moving. My goodness, I forgot how many boxes there were. It felt so good to see all of our stuff again though. (When we moved out of our house, we put everything in Pods while we lived with Allen’s parents and house hunted.) It was a great weekend, as far as moving goes. We had lots of family here to help and a few friends stop by to say hi. I’m so excited to show you all the house, so I thought I’d break it up into 5 posts for this week. First up, the first two rooms when you walk in the front door.

new house 1_hall

The house was built in 1905 and the long entry hall that the house is built around is quite a sight. When you first walk in the door, there are two rooms to the right and left. One will be the family room and one will be the formal dining room. I’m super excited about having a formal dining room, since the dining room in our first house was a small, open area between kitchen and family room.

new house 2_floors

The floors are just to die for. Old and creaky and warped and fabulous. Can you imagine how many people have walked on these floors? It gives me chills just thinking about it.

new house 3_family room

This will be the family room. There are two windows, a great fireplace and a little closet.

new house 4_family room2 new house 5_family room 3 new house 6_moulding

The baseboards and mouldings are so chunky and fabulous.

new house 7_fireplace

Fireplace details. I do love a painted brick fireplace.

new house 8_fireplace new house 9_front rooms

This view is from the corner of the family room looking into the hall and formal dining room.

new house 10_dining room

In the dining room, there’s another great fireplace with a custom mantle. These two rooms are mirror images of each other, minus the closet. Dinner parties, here we come!

new house 11_dining room

I can’t wait to live in these rooms and make them our own. They already feel cozy and homey. I think that’s a good sign. Tomorrow we’ll tour the rest of the hall and the bedrooms. Yay!

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  4. Heather Bailey

    Since I was missing your blog updates for some reason (stupid email), I totally didn’t get to see any of your house tour so I am just catching up! This house is amazing, I am so happy for you! I still wish you lived closer to me so you could help with mine ;-) I cannot wait to see how you decorate and fill the space, how exciting!!!!!

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