House Tour: The Guest Rooms

March 11, 2014

Today we’ll be touring the two guest bedrooms. These are the next two rooms down the long hallway. There’s one bedroom on each side and each bedroom has a bathroom, one is tiny and one is huge. Here we go!

guest room 1_before 1

The first guest bedroom is a good size and has these beautiful big windows with plantation shutters. And oooh, the floors. It also has this blue and red wall, which we’ll be painting white sometime in the near future. ;)

guest room 1_before 2

There’s a door to the big bathroom, which we’ll get to it in a minute.

guest room 1_before 3

I just can’t get over the closet doors.

guest room 1_before 6

This bedroom has two really good size closets and a big fireplace.

guest room 1_before 4

This fireplace is on the same wall as the fireplace in the family room. The previous owners used this room as a playroom, so the fireplace has that awesome, custom size cushion. (So the littles don’t bump their heads!) I’ll keep it and just recover it.

guest room 1_before 5

Now for the bathroom! This room is seriously big enough to do a cartwheel in. I may have actually attempted a cartwheel the other day. We’ve been laughing about the size of this room since we moved in.

guest room 1_bathroom 1

This room is just gorgeous. I love the paneling, the white, the clawfoot tub, the mixed finishes, the windows, the mirrors, everything.

guest room 1_bathroom 2 guest room 1_bathroom 3 guest room 1_bathroom 4

The second guest bedroom is a little bit smaller than the first, but still a good size. The teal mouldings and accents in this room and the bathroom will be painted white soon.

guest room 2_before 1

This room has a small fireplace, which backs up to the fireplace in the dining room. The bathroom is super tiny – and I forgot to get a picture of it! It’s cute and we’ll definitely be implementing some small space ideas in there.

guest room 2_before 2

There’s also a surprisingly good sized closet with a miniature door. It’s so cute!

guest room 2_before 3 guest room 2_before 4

And here’s more of the hallway, still looking toward the front door.

long entry hallway

Next up, we have the master bedroom, the kitchen, the backyard and the studio! I can’t wait to show you the rest.

16 thoughts on “House Tour: The Guest Rooms

  1. Brandi

    WOW! I’m not sure what I love more the bathtub with the brass fixtures or the amazing doors! Such a beautiful home. You’re in Atlanta right?! So am I! If you need help painting I’m your girl! LOL!!

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