Nosey Internets

March 25, 2014

I had an interesting encounter with the nosey internets the other night – and I actually appreciated the intrusion. This scenario happens every day, we know, and I’m really curious how you guys – my friends on the internet – feel about it.



Over the weekend, I was shopping for a few new pairs of spring shoes. Nothing fancy, I just need a refresh on a few pairs of inexpensive flats I can wear out. I shopped ModCloth and picked out two pairs that i really liked. This nude pair and this navy pair

I wasn’t ready to make a purchase, so I left the tabs open so I could think about it and decide later. (I’m a tab-leaver-open-er.) A couple of nights later, I came home from work, poured myself a glass of wine, got started on dinner and popped open my laptop. Priorities? Not shopping. Blog, Pinterest, Facebook. The rest of this story will sound familiar… I was scrolling down my Facebook news feed and I came across a Modcloth ad with a suggestion for a pair of flats similar to those I was already shopping for. This pair. So cute, right? I clicked on the ad, loved the shoes, shopped the sale section one last time to no avail, and then purchased the shoes that the Modcloth ad suggested. I feel like we normally balk at the privacy issues and spiders that track what we’re shopping and follow us around on ads. But you know what? I completely appreciated this retail intrusion. Facebook and Modcloth provided a service to me that was helpful and efficient. They reminded me that I was planning on purchasing a pair of shoes. They reminded me that I had time right then to cross something off my To Do list. I don’t normally feel this way about Facebook ads, so I thought it was worth sharing. Are we, consumers and internet-lovers, adjusting our expectations of online advertising? Or do you still scroll by, annoyed and ignoring? I’ll probably go back to that attitude, by the way, annoyed and ignoring, but this was an interesting break in that attitude for me.

photo via here, graphics by me

4 thoughts on “Nosey Internets

  1. Heather Bailey

    Haha! You know, at first I hated it. Especially when it was something I wasn’t planning on buying, and found it a little annoying. I see your point, good reminder, but to see it pop up constantly now is a bit pestering to me. Great for advertising, sure, very smart marketing. However, I tend to ignore the ads now…

  2. Brandi

    I’ve had this happen a lot. Most the of the time I would notice it when I visited blogs with ads on their site. I used to find it kind of annoying, but it really came in handy the other day while I was searching for fabric. The pop-up suggested fabric that I completely overlooked. I ordered a sample, crossing my fingers it’s the one! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  3. Michelle Schneider

    This is so interesting because I’m pretty sure I’ve done that exact same thing. I leave stuff in my shopping cart for days/weeks before ever considering actually making the purchase. Once in a while it’s totally ok to be reminded! I don’t mind the side bar ads…but sort of hate the ads that interrupt my news feed. Maybe that’s me learning to adjust to how internet advertising works?

  4. Shavonda@AHomeFullOfColor

    I don’t know….Im on the fence on how I feel about it. I actually do feel like its an invasion of privacy issue. Just like Brandi said I notice it most when im visiting other bogs in their ads section. I suppose it could be advantageous when you’re on the hunt for something and you’ve forgotten about it, BUT for the most part it reminds me of just how unsecure our online world really is. :)


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