Garden Guide: Ranunculus

April 28, 2014

We have a lovely illustration of one of my favorite flower families today, ranunculaceae. Did you know ranunculus means “little frog” in Latin? Ranunculus grows naturally in swampy areas, so the frog name apparently stuck. I am a such a sucker for these delicate and dainty blooms, the petals are thin like crepe paper, endless layers of beautiful, bright crepe paper. Get this precious ranunculus print Michelle’s Etsy shop here.

Floral Illustration- Wisteria

Sun:  Full sun. Loves the sunshine and cool weather.
Soil:  Well-drained soil, amended with organic material and compost.
Water:  Water thoroughly when you first plant bulbs.
Prune:  Clip flowers often to encourage new growth and new blooms.
Size:  Roots and sprouts will form in the autumn. Winter will bring taller growth and flowers will develop in the spring. 

Get this ranunculus print Michelle’s Etsy shop here.
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