Garden Guide: Tulip

April 7, 2014

Tulips are one of the prettiest, diverse spring flowers. There are solid colors, two-tone colors, variegated colors, double petals, bowl shaped petals, rounded petals, pointed petals, and serrated, frilly petals… I love them all. You can get this gorgeous print in Michelle’s Etsy shop here.

Floral Illustration- Quince

Sun: Tulips like sun, sun, sun!
Soil: Tulips actually favor sandy soil.
Water: They prefer dryer soil, so don’t water often and well-drained soil is best. Though you can’t help an extra rainy season!
Prune: A few weeks after blooming, just chop off the browning leaves and spent blooms. Don’t do it immediately after blooming, because the leaves can still take in vital sunshine to feed the bulbs. If healthy and happy, the bulbs will bloom again year after year!
Size: Depending on the variety, anywhere from 4 inches to 20 inches tall.

Get this tulip print Michelle’s Etsy shop here.
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