Garden Guide: Wisteria

April 14, 2014

I don’t know about where y’all live (northerners, I’m sorry, I know this isn’t true for you!) but it is prime time for wisteria in Atlanta right now! There are trees, porches, power lines, and abandoned buildings covered in blankets of light purple, grape-shaped petals. I think it’s funny that we see it everywhere for a couple of weeks and then it disappears. Michelle’s illustration this week won’t disappear! You can get it in her Etsy shop here.

Floral Illustration- Quince


Keeping in mind that we normally see wisteria growing wild, with little human intervention, here are a few tips if you do want to grow wisteria on a pergola, wall or fence.

Sun: Loves lots of sunshine! 
Soil: Wisteria can grow in poor-quality soil, but it prefers fertile, moist, well-drained soil. (Don’t we all?)
Water: Wisteria is kind of wild, so mature plants only need rainwater. But keep cuttings or baby plants well-watered.
Prune: Good luck! Wisteria flowers on last year’s growth so prune after blooming in late spring, and be careful if you prune in early spring!
Size: TALL!

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2 thoughts on “Garden Guide: Wisteria

  1. Brandi

    And it smells so nice. I love seeing it growing wild everywhere. I purchased a bare root from Ebay last year. I probably won’t see flowers for a long time, but it’s doing well.


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